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Showreel - Drone 2023
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Entering Aerospace…

David Hewitt is a GVC qualified Drone UAS Operator and Remote Pilot, with Operational Authorisation from the CAA, providing aerial imaging services for video and photography for drones up to 25kg in built up areas. He comes with third party insurance and is DBS checked. 


He currently owns Mavic 3 Cine and Mini 3 Pro. These are all 4K+ video cameras recording in either ProRes, MP4 or Mov and RAW photos. 


The drones share the airspace with manned aircraft and there's a great deal to learn/qualify about CAA law, other aircraft and people on the ground. His approach is safety, and to check Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ), Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) local bye-laws, and seek permission from local Air Traffic Control (ATC) where appropriate. Most drone work is possible as long as the correct procedures, risk assessments and permissions are obtained. This is all done in pre-flight phase and will be provided to the client in advance.


Depending on the request, he can combine the drone requirements with award winning ground video work, post-production and editing. He is also available for other drone services such as roof inspections, surveys, property.


David is extremely experienced in video production and this instantly adds to his creativity in the sky and work ethic. His years of professionalism also means that the safety and regulations are the first and foremost priority.


His speciality is to integrate and understand drone footage with a location or subject and make it the most suitable for the work. The first port of creative call is to consider the light (or lack of). He is always striving to find the best shot for the narrative of the piece and look for new ways of seeing things. 

…take to the sky.

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